Dear donor, 

In late January, an opportunity to do a YWAM DTS came my way and I have decided to move forward and am excited for the opportunity.


The GAP DTS is a unique two summer program designed for college students or others that can commit to two summers to complete their training.  The first summer is the 11 week lecture phase.   During this time students are challenged by incredible teaching and intimate times of worship. Lecture phase is a unique opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with God, shape life-vision, and grow in close community with others.

The DTS begins on May 21 and goes until August 10.

With that being said, I need your guys’ help to get there, and there  are two ways you can help. 

The first is finical – I will need $5,000 but I can contribute $1,000. The second way – and this is just as or more important than finances – is prayer support for the trip.

If you could help out in either way, it would be greatly appreciated. 



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Joe Viergutz